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Law Enforcement Medical Liability Account Program - Policies, Rules and Guidelines


Oregon Administrative Rules and supplemental information administered by the Health Systems Division.

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Current Oregon Administrative Rules

Please refer to the Oregon Secretary of State website. OHA no longer maintains the administrative rulebooks.

  • Click the program name, then click the rule you want to view.
  • The current rule will display. To view previous revisions of the rule, click the revision date(s) at the bottom of the rule page. Revisions are available back to 2017.
  • If you need older revisions, please email
  • If you have problems accessing older revisions not available on the SOS website, please email

Recent Rule Filings

Supplemental Information and Guidelines



LEMLA was initially created by the 1991 Oregon Legislature and scheduled to operate and pay claims through June 30, 1993. After reviewing the claim and payment information for the designated period, the 1993 Oregon Legislature repealed the sunset provision and established LEMLA as a permanent, ongoing program.

The purpose of LEMLA is to provide a means for reimbursing medical providers for medical expenses incurred from injuries sustained by an individual as a result of law enforcement activity. Claims are only paid out of the account when recovery from the injured person and/or their insurance carrier fails. Liability for payment by LEMLA ends when the individual is released from actual physical custody.

LEMLA is established separate and distinct from the General Fund. The account is fully funded from amounts collected in state courts as monetary obligations in criminal actions.

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Who to Call for Help

LEMLA Questions:

Please write or call the Law Enforcement Medical Liability Account:

500 Summer Street NE E-44
Salem, Oregon 97301

Provider Services

 800-336-6016 or  email us

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