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Name Changes

If your name has changed


If you misspelled or mistyped your name on your elicensing account:*


Please send an email to: with your request. Be sure to include:

  • Your new or corrected name; and
  • Attach your documentation verifying this change.

Upon receiving your email, TSPC will add the name change information to your account.  

 *For security reasons, the elicensing system will not allow a name to be changed once it has been entered.  TSPC must receive official  documentation to change a name on an established account. 

TSPC will accept the following documents to verify name changes or corrections:

  • Official passport issued by the United States;
  • Official government-issued marriage certificate/license;
  • Oregon Driver License, Instruction Permit or ID Card;
  • A record of Domestic Partnership issued by Oregon Vital Statistics signed by a government official with a stamp or seal showing the document has been recorded with the State Registrar;
  • An out-of-state government issued record of Domestic Partnership signed by a government official with a stamp or seal showing the document was filed with the city, county or state agency responsible for registering Domestic Partnerships in that state;
  • A U.S. city, county or state court-issued divorce decree, judgment of dissolution of marriage, annulment of marriage decree, judgment of dissolution of domestic partnership, or annulment of domestic partnership;
  • A government-issued death certificate of spouse, that includes a connection to your current full legal name (signed by a government official and including a stamp to show that the document has been filed);
  • A U.S. city, county or state court-issued legal name change decree; 
  • Military ID card, Common Access card and Uniform Services ID & Privilege card;
  • Other U.S. state, U.S. territory, District of Columbia, Canadian or U.S. Department of State driver license, instruction permit or identification card;
  • Oregon Concealed Weapon permit/Concealed Handgun license; or
  • Tribal identification card issued by a federally recognized tribe.