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Welcome to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission’s (TSPC) Licensure homepage. Detailed information about TSPC’s Licensure requirements can be found within the links to the left.

Oregon’s system of Educator Licensure is designed to create a career pathway for Oregon’s PreK-12 teachers, school administrators, school counselors, school psychologists and school social workers that aligns with the needs of students in grades PreK-12.

The Commission charges the Licensure Division with all customer support related to licensure, application processing, and license issuance. In addition, staff maintains close contact with district Human Resources offices to assist with licensure of educators.

Applying for Licensure: General Information

Prior to submitting an application and paying the fee, please verify that you are eligible for the license you are applying for. See “What License do I Need?" below, then refer to the appropriate pages under this section in the menu on the left.

All Fees paid through eLicensing are non-refundable, so if you don't qualify for licensure, you will not receive a refund.

Applications and payments can only be made through eLicensing. TSPC does not accept paper applications, or personal checks or cash.

You can access the eLicensing system here:

eLicensing Application


What License do I Need?-Quick Reference

Please review the following pages, located under this section in the menu on the left first before proceeding to the eLicensing system:

  • First Oregon License or new license type? Select First Time License
  • Renewing or Reinstating your License? Select Renewal Information and Instructions
  • Moving from a Preliminary to a Professional License? Select Upgrading to Professional to determine if you qualify, then First Time License for info on items needed for your application.
  • Moving from a Reciprocal to a Preliminary License? Select First Time License 
  • Adding an Endorsement? Select Endorsements


eLicensing: General Information

eLicensing is TSPC's current web portal, holding applicant and licensee accounts, application and license records. As of January 1, 2016, TSPC is no longer accepting mailed, faxed, or emailed applications and payments. All applications must be submitted through the eLicensing system.

If you have eLicensing login issues please email us at  

For further information and instructions about the eLicensing system, please refer to the eLicensing Tutorial page, found under the Licensing section in the menu on the left.

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