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License Guide

Course-to-Endorsement Catalogue

Educators who are employed by public schools and who are compensated for their services from public funds must hold a valid license. For teachers, licenses include endorsements in content areas such as Mathematics, Elementary Multiple Subjects, specific World Languages and Music. Schools and school districts assign teachers to courses based on the endorsement(s) they hold.

 Course-To-Endorsement Catalogue

The Catalogue is a joint effort between ODE staff formerly assigned to the NCLB “highly qualified" analysis and TSPC staff. It most closely follows the precedents set by the “highly qualified" rules, as we understand that most districts were closely compliant with those rules. The TSPC Licensure Guide was often incomplete, as it did not include all of the NCES course codes. The License Guide will be removed from the TSPC webpage once we are confident that the Catalogue is a suitable replacement.


This Catalogue is presented as a guideline for staffing for the 2017/2018 school year. We recognize we are launching it after you've completed the majority of your scheduling for the 2017/2018 school year. And that some staff may be “mis-assigned" simply because you weren't aware of which courses would be allowable.


The Commission does not intend to use this Catalogue in a punitive manner in the immediate future, but strongly encourages districts to limit variance from the guide when assigning staff.  The tool is new, and as such, we will implement it with your feedback. While the Commission takes very seriously their role in assuring that each child is taught by an appropriately licensed and endorsed teacher, they also recognize that assigning endorsements to courses might not be as simple as it would seem.


Districts should also be aware that under ESEA, (ESSA) rules, ODE may impose consequences.