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Renewal Information and Instructions

General Information

To renew your Oregon license, most license types require an application, fee, PEER form (if employed) and verification of PDUs:

  • Application and fee
  • PEER form:
  • PDUs

A few license types require district sponsorship and proof of progress in your preparation program. Common document types required for reissuance of these sponsored licenses includes:

  • Employer Sponsorship
  • Official Transcript Submission
  • Letters from your college preparation program


The following provides necessary details for your license renewal:

Renewal Requirements by License Type.pdf

Continuing PDUs

Continuing PDUs are intended for renewal only. They do not qualify you for a Professional License. Please review the “Upgrading to Professional" page for details on Advanced Program requirements.

The following is a comprehensive overview of Continuing PDUs:

Renewal and Reinstatement - Guide to Continuing PDUs.pdf

To assist you in preparing your Continuing PDU documentation for verification, the following form is provided here as a courtesy to assist you in tracking your activities. Please do not submit this form to TSPC.


When Should I Apply to Renew?

It is recommended that you submit your application and fee approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date of your license.

If you submit your eLicensing application and renewal fee prior to or on your license expiration date, you will receive a 120-day grace period beginning the day after your license expires. This 120-day grace period gives you time to complete requirements and submit your PDUs. You may continue teach or substitute during the grace period.

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