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Renewal Information and Instructions

General Information

To renew your Oregon license, most license types require an application, fee, PEER form (if employed) and verification of Continuing Professional Development Units (PDUs):

  • Application and fee
  • PEER form:
  • Continuing PDUs

A few license types require district sponsorship and proof of progress in your preparation program. Common document types required for reissuance of these sponsored licenses includes:

  • Employer Sponsorship Letter
  • Official Transcript Submission
  • Letters from your college preparation program


The following provides necessary details for your license renewal:

Renewal Requirements by License Type 12-2020.pdf

Applying to upgrade your license at time of renewal?

  • In your eLicensing account, you will need to select the "Submit New Application" option. The "Renew" function does not allow you to select a different license type other than what you already hold.
  • You will need to meet both renewal and upgrade requirements to qualify to upgrade. Requirements to upgrade your license are located in the documents on the Upgrading to Professional page, located at the menu on the left. The documents located on the First Time License page (also at the menu on the left), are also helpful to determine requirements for first issuance of your upgraded license.

Continuing PDUs

Continuing PDUs are intended for renewal only. They do not qualify you for a Professional License. Please review the “Upgrading to Professional" page for details on Advanced Program requirements.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: PDUs are verified in one of the following ways:

  • TSPC PEER Form: Whenever possible, you are encouraged to contact your employer and have them verify your continuing PDUs on a PEER form. Most Oregon school districts and ESDs have a separate PDU verification process, which you will be required to follow so that they can report your PDUs directly to TSPC. If you are employed in an Oregon public school district or ESD, you will need to contact your district office first to determine their process before following any further instructions contained in this section; OR
  • Official Transcripts: You may choose this option if you are not employed by an Oregon public school district or ESD (i.e. you are employed by a private school who is not able to complete a TSPC PEER form, employed by a college or university, or are not regularly employed); OR
  • PDU Certificate and Log: You should choose this as a final option only if you are not employed by an Oregon public school district or ESD (i.e. you are employed by a private school who is not able to complete a TSPC PEER form, employed by a college or university, or are not regularly employed) and did not complete coursework from an approved accredited college to meet PDU requirements. See additional information below.

The following PDF contains detailed information regarding Continuing PDU requirements and how to provide PDU verification for renewal:

Guide to Continuing PDUs rev 7-2021.pdf

To complete the PDU Log and Certificate, please use the document/form below and upload both pages together as a single document to the Documents tab in your eLicensing account. Please do not upload any supporting documentation with your Log and Certificate. Upon review of your Log, our office will contact you if clarification is needed. NOTE: The following PDU Certificate allows for an electronic signature, which may require configuration through Adobe. If you are unable to create a digital signature, you may print the form, sign it, scan it, and then upload to your eLicensing account as indicated above.

Fillable PDU Log/Certificate 12-2020.pdf

Do NOT submit this Log and Certificate if:

1. Your employing Oregon public school district or ESD has agreed to submit your PDUs to TSPC on the PEER form, or

2. Your employing private school or out-of-state public school district has already agreed to submit your PDUs to TSPC on the PEER form, or

3.  You are submitting official transcripts to meet PDU requirements. Please refer to the PDU guide above for complete details.


If you have already submitted a PDU verification request to OREPDC: As of 12/1/2020, OREPDC will no longer accept new requests to verify continuing PDUs. In its place, if you aren't able to have your employer verify PDUs on a PEER form, you can now submit official transcripts or a PDU Log and Certificate directly to TSPC, as indicated above. OREPDC will continue to process PDU verification requests that were submitted to them prior to 12/1/2020. Please visit for further information, and contact OREPDC at: if you have questions regarding the status of your request.

PDU reduction due to COVID-19

In March of 2020, and again in September of 2020, the Commission responded to Governor Brown's Executive Order regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The document below addresses part of the guidance, designed to give relief for licensed educators requiring PDUs to renew a license. The tables in this document describe temporary changes to numbers of PDUs required to renew and reinstate licenses.

Renewal Requirements - TSPC COVID PDU Reduction Calculation.pdf

When Should I Apply to Renew?

It is recommended that you submit your application and fee approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date of your license.

If you submit your eLicensing application and renewal fee prior to or on your license expiration date, you will receive a 120-day grace period beginning the day after your license expires. This 120-day grace period gives you time to complete requirements and submit your PDUs. You may continue teach or substitute during the grace period.

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