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Teacher Standards and Practices Commission is Oregon's licensing agency for all educators.


  • Establish high standards for educator preparation excellence and regularly review approved programs for delivery of adopted licensure standards.
  • Provide leadership for professional leadership standards, including standards for: cultural inclusion, educator dispositions, and subject-matter competency.
  • Provide timely, high quality services to licensees, higher education, and the public.
  • Maintain and develop clear, concise and easy-to-understand administrative rules.
  • Establish high standards for educator professional conduct and regularly communicate those standards to the field. 

Mission Statement

To establish, uphold and enforce professional standards of excellence and communicate those standards to the public and educators for the benefit of Oregon's students.


The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission was established in 1965 to maintain and improve performance in the education profession by approving teacher preparation programs offered by Oregon colleges and universities; by licensing teachers, administrators and other personnel employed in Oregon schools; and by taking disciplinary actions when educators commit crimes or violate Standards for Competent and Ethical Performance.


The Annual Performance Progress Report (APPR) is the primary expression of agency performance measured against legislatively approved Key Performance Measures (KPM).  To view TSPC reports follow the link below to the "Annual Performance Reports - Explore & Search" section of the KPM page on the Oregon State Legislature website.

Annual Performance Reports - Explore & Search

TSPC Budget

Current Budget Request: TSPC Agency Request Budget