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This page provides information for testing only. If you are completing testing to add an endorsement or a specialization, see the Endorsements page on the right for full instructions on how to add an endorsement. If you are completing testing toward obtaining your first Oregon license, see the First Time License page on the right for full instructions on how to obtain your license.

Testing information 

TSPC does not administer any tests directly; instead, we work with three testing companies to provide Oregon educator tests. 

  • The Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments (ORELA) exams are offered by National Evaluation Services (NES), Inc.  Most tests required in Oregon are ORELA exams.  You may obtain information concerning how to take and study for the ORELA exams by going to the ORELA website
  • The Praxis exams are offered by Educational Testing Service (ETS).  Since Praxis used to offer all of Oregon's subject tests, applicants frequently go directly to Praxis and take a Praxis subject matter test before checking to ensure that is still the correct test.  Please check before signing up to take an exam.  You may obtain information concerning how to take and study for the Praxis exams by going to the Praxis website.
  • The Oral Proficiency Assessments (including OPI and OPIc) are offered by American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The OPI or OPIc tests are required for the Bilingual Specialization and the Dual Language Specialization. You may obtain information for the OPI and OPIc tests by going to the ACTFL website.

The following Test Guide provides a comprehensive list of required tests and appropriate testing company:

Test Guide.pdf 

Civil Rights Exam: Important Notice 

Given the challenges of completing the examination during a period when testing centers have been closed in response to the COVID-19 event, TSPC has been approved for a suspension of this rule per the Governor's Executive Order 20-03 (under authority of ORS 1401.168(2)). The suspension applies to both current candidates and educators on Reciprocal Licenses who have not yet successfully completed the Civil Rights Exam. Please do not register for this test at this time.

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