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eLicensing Tutorial

Do You Need Help?

For help with eLicensing technical questions, problems, errors, fee calculations, and assistance with username and password issues.
For help with questions not related to eLicensing.

What is eLicensing?

eLicensing is TSPC's web portal holding applicant and licensee accounts, applications and license records.

Educators will use eLicensing to:

  • Submit applications and pay licensure fees
  • Update personal information such as address, phone and email
  • Review license history
  • Correspond with agency staff through the Messages tab
  • Upload new documents relative to educator licensing

eLicensing also includes a Public Search feature, permitting members of the public to view an educator's general license information.

How do I Use eLicensing?

First time accessing eLicensing? Use the Sign Up button to create your username and password.

Returning user? Use the Forgot Username or Forgot Password if necessary. Please do not create a new username if you have already created an eLicensing account. This will cause you to have two active accounts and may delay your processing.

Once logged in, use the portal to take the required action:

  • Applying for a new License Type? Use the “Submit New Application" button.
  • Applying to renew your existing license exactly as it is? Go to your Licenses tab and select the “Renew" button next to the soon-expiring license.
    • Don't see a “Renew" button? The "Renew" button might not be available if you apply to renew early. The "Renew" button is also not available if you are applying to move from a Reciprocal License to your next license. In these cases, you will need to use the “Submit New Application" button.
    • Applying to renew your license and add an endorsement at the same time? Use the "Submit New Application" button.
  • Applying to add an endorsement? Please do not select the "Change Endorsement or Specialization" option at any time. Choosing this option will cause significant delays to your request. If you are applying to add an endorsement only, please select "Submit New Application".
  • Applying to upgrade your license? The "Renew" button does not allow selection of the Professional License if you currently hold a Preliminary License. In this case, you will need to use the "Submit New Application" button instead, regardless of whether you are applying to upgrade at renewal or at any point during your license cycle.
  • Need to change info on your application? Once an application is submitted, you cannot change any information. If you need to make a correction or update to your application, please notify our office to request any changes and we will make any necessary updates. Please do not submit a new application and fee if you have an open and active application on file, as it is not required and TSPC is not able to issue a refund for excess fees paid.
  • Note Regarding Incomplete Applications: The eLicensing system is not currently set up to alert the evaluator processing your application when documents are uploaded to your account or other items requested are complete. If you have been notified that your application is incomplete, please follow the instructions in the message, and please continue to monitor your eLicensing account. Once you see that the items requested are now on file, please "Reply" to the incomplete message you received through your eLicensing account. This will contact the evaluator processing your application directly to alert them to review your application. Please do not start a "New" message in this instance.

Steps for Applying

Please review the Licensing section in the menu on the left for instructions and requirements for licensure. Then, log into your eLicensing account to complete your application.

To access the eLicensing system, click on the link below:

eLicensing Application

eLicensing Application Status Definitions

Application has not been submitted to TSPC

Application has been submitted to TSPC but background is not cleared

In Background Review
Application is being reviewed by TSPC Background Checker

Renewal Pending
Application is on hold

Awaiting 3rd Party
Supporting information required from School, District, Tribe, or ODE

Awaiting Evaluation
Assigned to an Evaluator and waiting "in line" fro first review

Evaluation in Progress
Application being evaluated

Awaiting Applicant Responses
Application on hold due to outstanding information
- advise educators to check their Messages in eLicensing

Evaluation complete, license has been issued

Evaluation complete, no license issued

If an application is in any of the following statuses, the background clearance is complete:

  • Awaiting 3rd Party
  • Awaiting Evaluation
  • Evaluation in Progress
  • Awaiting Applicant Response
  • Issued