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Endorsements / Specializations

Adding Endorsements

Teaching licenses may include multiple endorsements, and teachers may add endorsements to the license at any point during the life of the license.

School Administrator and Personnel Services are offered only one endorsement (e.g., a Preliminary School Counselor License holds a School Counselor endorsement, a Principal License holds a Principal endorsement). Endorsements cannot be added to these license types.

Requests to add an endorsement require an application and fee as well as other evidence to process. See below for specific steps to add endorsements to teaching licenses.

More information on Adding Endorsements

Adding Specializations

A specialization is different from an endorsement area. It indicates a specialized expertise or preparation in a particular area the Commission recognizes as “added value” on a license. It is not required by TSPC to teach or work in the specialized area, whereas an endorsement is required to work in the subject-matter area. See below for specific steps to add specializations to your license.

More information on Adding Specializations