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OHP Fee-for-Service Fee Schedule

Health care providers: Apply for new round of federal Provider Relief Fund payments by November 6, 2020

Starting October 5, 2020, providers can apply for new Provider Relief Fund payments. The federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) expects to distribute approximately $20 billion to eligible providers, including previous applicants and recipients, behavioral health providers and providers who began practicing in the first quarter of 2020.

As of October 22, even more providers can apply, regardless of whether they have received Medicare or Medicaid funds. See the expanded list of eligible providers.

Learn more on the HHS website.

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Fee schedule files

The fee schedules are informational only. Because many factors influence payment, inclusion of a rate in the fee schedule does not guarantee payment. Rates may change without notice.

  • Medical-Dental files reflect information available in the month posted, and do not reflect fees for all programs. Only codes with rate changes in the month posted will show a new effective date.
  • Behavioral Health (Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder) fee schedules list the procedure codes and payment amounts effective for services provided on or after on and after the fee schedule date.

This list shows the most recent files available. Use the search function to view older files.

About Oregon Health Plan rates and fees

2013 federal primary care codes and rates
2014 federal primary care codes and rates
Fee-for-service maximum allowable rates
Fee-for-service substance use disorder treatment rate increases, effective October 1, 2019.pdf
OHP fee schedule file specifications
Oregon Medicaid Vaccines for Children administration codes and rates
Oregon primary care providers and procedure codes

Other resources

  • For program-specific rates not listed in the OHP fee schedule and any program-specific payment policies that may apply: Refer to your provider guidelines, rules or contracts.
  • For billing, service coverage, accepted codes and fee-for-service payment policies: See the OHP Billing Tips, General Rules, and OHP Administrative Rules.
  • For prior authorization, procedure-specific coverage for an OHP client or benefit plan, or Prioritized List of Health Services coverage: Use the Benefits and HSC List Inquiry search on the secure Provider Web Portal.

Need help?

  • For reimbursement rates for services to OHP CCO or dental plan members, contact the CCO or dental plan.
  • For questions about the rates listed on the fee schedule, contact Provider Services (800-336-6016).

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