How do I know if it's certified?

If your wood stove or fireplace insert has a label like the labels shown below, it is certified for emissions performance and does not need to be removed from the home at the time of sale.

Certification for emissions performance is determined at the point of manufacture.  A stove that does not have an Oregon DEQ or U.S. EPA certification label from the manufacturer cannot be certified at a later time.

A Universal Laboratories (or “UL”) safety certification label is not the same as an Oregon DEQ or U.S. EPA emissions certification label and does not allow the device to remain in the home after it is sold.


EPA certification label circa 1988 to present

EPA certification label circa 1988 to present. 
Detail of EPA sticker
Detail of EPA sticker 

Oregon DEQ wood stove certification label circa 1986-1988

Oregon DEQ Woodstove certification label circa 1986-1988.