Installer and maintenance provider recertification

Under OAR 340-071-0650, installer and maintenance provider recertification is required every three years following initial certification. Chemeketa Community College will extend certification to certified onsite system installers and maintenance providers who complete 18 hours (1.8 Continuing Education Units, CEUs) of approved continuing education following their most recent certification and to each formerly certified person who completes these requirements within six months after certification expires.

To recertify, Installers and Maintenance Providers must submit proof of completion of approved CEUs to Chemeketa with a fee. Chemeketa will issue a new laminated certification card with a new certification number and expiration date.

Installer and Maintenance providers who do not receive recertification within three years of their most recent certification are no longer eligible to perform construction, installation, repair or perform maintenance of onsite systems.

CEU Information
For courses to qualify toward recertification they must be approved by the Oregon Environmental Services Advisory Council and listed on their website. If you or your organization are holding, or have held, a class that you would like to be evaluated for qualification toward recertification you must submit an application to OESAC. If you want to see if a course you have taken will qualify toward recertification you can view the list of approved courses at the OESAC website.

Installer and maintenance provider certification

Under OAR 340-071-0650, beginning on March 1, 2006, installer and maintenance provider certification is required to obtain a license. The department has an interagency agreement with Chemeketa Community College to provide a program to train and certify onsite system installers and maintenance providers as described in OAR 340-071-0650. Currently training is only offered at Chemeketa Community College.  Students who complete the 6-hour course and pass the certification test (a passing grade equals a score of 70% or better), or who can provide proof of having previously passed the exam, will be mailed a serial-numbered, laminated certification card. A copy of this card is needed to obtain a license.

Installers: under OAR 340-071-0650 a person who supervises or is responsible for construction or installation of onsite systems must be a certified and licensed installer unless the person is the permittee for construction or installation of the system or the permittee's regular employee.
Note: Certified installers must obtain a license to conduct construction or installation of onsite systems.

Maintenance Providers: under OAR 340-071-0650 a maintenance provider who inspects, maintains, or certifies or supervises maintenance of onsite systems using alternative treatment technologies, recirculating gravel filters, or sand filters must be certified as a maintenance provider and by the manufacturer of the system.


If you are a certified Installer or Maintenance Provider, and would like to identify yourself as an "Existing System Evaluation Inspector," please access and complete this form.