The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality issues licenses for three types of sewage disposal services with a duration not to exceed three years following the date of issuance.
  • SDS Installer License: an installer license is required for any person to construct or install onsite systems or parts of onsite systems or to perform the grading, excavating, or earth-moving work associated with the construction or installation of onsite systems. A one day certification class is a prerequisite for this license. See link under the certification tab for that information.
  • SDS Pumper license: a pumper license is required for any person to pump out or clean onsite systems, including portable toilets or any part thereof, and to dispose of the material derived from the pumping out or cleaning of onsite systems or portable toilets.
  • SDS Installer/pumper license: the combined installer/pumper license authorizes a person to perform the work authorized by the installer and the pumper licenses.
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Application forms

Important information about completing these bond forms:

  1. The bond is to be issued on an exact copy of this form, not a facsimile of this form.
  2. The bond must have a surety seal by the bond company. Sign and submit the original bond with your license application.
  3. The Attorney-In-Fact must sign on the required signature line. We do not require a signature for the Registered Agent for Oregon. However, we do appreciate having that information included on the bond when possible.
  4. A Power of Attorney sheet must be attached to each bond.