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Onsite Septic Financial Aid Program

The Onsite Septic Financial Aid Program is a new opportunity for DEQ to issue grants to eligible partners to assist property owners and small businesses with old or failing septic systems. These are not grants for individual property owners. These are intended for partner organizations to fund their financial aid programs to homeowners in the form of grants and loans. The 2021 Oregon Legislature allocated $15 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act, or ARPA, funds to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality to address problems related to failing and outdated septic systems around the state.

The Oregon Legislature prioritized the use of these funds for 2020 wildfire recovery. DEQ will issue a first-round call of proposals this spring for projects that focus exclusively on assisting community members whose properties were affected by these historic blazes. 

ARPA funds are intended to address water quality and public health concerns and economic hardships that were caused or worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic. DEQ will issue pass-through grants to eligible public agencies, tribes, local governments, and community development financial institutions. These partners will in turn administer and disperse grants and loans locally for septic system evaluations, repairs and replacements. For more information, see the Onsite Septic Financial Aid Program Fact Sheet.

ARPA Funding for Septic Repairs and Replacements Aid Projects

In early 2022 DEQ put out a request for information about eligible projects, service areas and grant recipients. DEQ received over 30 responses, indicating a high level of interest and need for assistance with septic system repairs and replacements. Following the guidance provided by Oregon House Bill 4068, DEQ will issue a request for proposals prioritizing 2020 Oregon Wildfire recovery projects in spring 2022. These proposals will still be focused on low-to moderate-income levels.  DEQ will score the proposals in a competitive process and expects to issue decisions letters and award agreements this summer. DEQ anticipates a second call for proposals in fall 2022 to include both additional unmet fire recovery needs and other priority projects from around the State.  Please check back for updates and grant proposal applications when they become available.

Projected schedule
This schedule is subject to change please check back here for updates.

  • Spring 2022 - Request for 2022 Oregon Wildfires proposals
  • Summer 2022 - DEQ review of proposals
  • Starting August 2022 - DEQ issues grant award agreements for selected projects
  • Fall 2022 - Call for second round proposals

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Megan Hendrickson
Program Analyst, DEQ Onsite Septic

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