Aren’t sure how you’ll afford to repair or replace your failing septic system?

In 2016, DEQ partnered with nonprofit lender Craft3 to make affordable Clean Water Loans available to Oregonians for septic system repairs. Since the program launched, $3.5 million has been invested to repair or replace failing septic systems in 28 Oregon counties. Those investments support 181 families and treat 23 million gallons of wastewater annually.

Unfortunately, due to a funding shortfall, Craft3 is no longer offering new Clean Water Loans in Oregon. We continue to explore ways to bring this program back. For more information about Craft3 and Clean Water Loans visit the Craft3 website.

A separate program is available for Clackamas County residents.

The Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District offers a Residential Septic System Repair and Replacement Loan Program to homeowners throughout its service area of Clackamas County to protect water quality and address public health concerns. No-interest loans from Clackamas SWCD are financed using funding provided by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality.

Live in Clackamas County? Learn about more opportunities.  

In addition, you may qualify for assistance under the USDA-Rural Development's Single Family Housing Repair Loans & Grants



There are 456,000 septic systems in Oregon and some 30 percent of Oregon households rely on septic systems. As many as 10 percent of these systems fail each year, according to various estimates, and not all homeowners or small businesses have the resources to make needed repairs. Fixing a septic system can cost as much as $25,000.