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Air Toxics Emissions Reporting

2020 Air Toxics Emissions Reporting Overview

In April 2021, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality formally notified all Air Quality permitted sources holding a Title V or ACDP Standard or Simple permit of the requirement to report a 2020 Air Toxics Emissions Inventory to DEQ by Sept. 1, 2021. All submissions were received!

Thank you to all facilities for your submissions!

DEQ is currently undergoing a review process for the submitted Air Toxics Emissions Inventories. As part of this review, DEQ staff may contact the facility to request clarification or more information on the submitted information. When the review is complete, DEQ will publish individual facility-wide emissions reports through the DEQ Air Quality Permit Data Search page.

The periodic statewide Air Toxics Emissions Inventory is a separate reporting requirement than an emissions inventory submitted for a CAO risk assessment. While they may contain similar information, they serve separate purposes.

The primary objectives of this recurring three-year Air Toxics Emissions Inventory are to supply statewide information that allows DEQ to establish and maintain long-term trends of air toxics emissions in our communities, and to report to EPA the best available information for our state. Subpart 2(a) of OAR 340-245-0040 allows DEQ to periodically request air toxics emissions information statewide, even when sources are not in the CAO program. In contrast, a CAO emissions inventory is used to perform a source risk assessment for called-in existing facilities and new facilities seeking a Simple, Standard or Title V permit. Visit the 'For Facilities' section of the Cleaner Air Oregon website for more information about conducting a CAO risk assessment.

Sources in Lane County

Facilities located in Lane County should communicate directly with Lane Regional Air Protection Agency staff with questions regarding submitted reports. 

Periodic State-wide Air Toxics Emissions Inventory Forms and Tools

These archive materials are provided for reference for the 2020 Air Toxics Emissions Inventory Reporting effort that was due to DEQ Sept. 1, 2021.


For questions about the 2020 Air Toxics Emissions Inventory reporting, contact Clara Funk

For all other permitting questions, contact your regional DEQ permitting office

For LRAPA facilities, please contact LRAPA directly at 541-736-1056.