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Asbestos Survey Resources

DEQ has specific requirements for asbestos surveys and the contents of asbestos survey reports. Rules related to survey requirements can be found in OAR 340-248-0270(1)-(4).

DEQ originally adopted asbestos survey rules in 2002, with the laboratory results being the only requirement. In 2018, revised rules were adopted which included significantly expanding the asbestos survey and survey report requirements. The intent was so the homeowner, building owner, contractor, and others would be provided information on the use and history of the facility, specific areas that were surveyed, when the survey was performed, information on the accredited inspector that performed the survey, limitations of the survey, response actions and a table showing materials that tested positive for asbestos. The table only includes asbestos-containing materials (ACM) and must include seven specific pieces of information for each ACM. The required information is contained in OAR 340-248-0270(3).

All commercial buildings regardless of construction date, and residential buildings constructed before Jan. 1, 2004, must have an asbestos survey conducted by an accredited inspector prior to any demolition or renovation activities, with one main exception. Owner-occupants of a single-family home doing their own home renovation work are exempt from the survey rule.

The DEQ definition of Renovation means altering one or more facility components. Renovation includes replacing, stripping, or repairing facility components, such as mechanical ventilation systems, pipes, ceiling, walls, flooring, and insulating materials. That means an asbestos survey and report performed by an accredited inspector are required even when a single material will be replaced such as flooring in commercial offices. The alternative is to assume all materials impacted during the project will be removed as friable asbestos-containing materials and abated by a DEQ licensed asbestos abatement contractor.

The DEQ definition of Demolition means wrecking or removing a load-supporting member of a facility together with related handling operations or the intentional burning of a facility. Training fire performed by local fire departments require an asbestos survey and report, including any abatement of asbestos-containing materials, prior to the training fire.

A copy of the asbestos survey report must be on-site during all renovation or demolition activities and must be provided to DEQ upon request. 

DEQ has developed templates and training resources to assist with the completion of survey reports and the review of survey reports. While the asbestos inspector is responsible for completion of the asbestos survey and survey report, it is ultimately  the responsibility of the contractor, building owner, or operator to confirm the asbestos survey and survey report comply with DEQ requirements.  

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For general questions about DEQ's asbestos program, contact Ava Raiza, 503-229-5982.

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