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Committees and Task Forces

Implementation of the Plastic Pollution and Recycling Modernization Act will be informed by the work of many partners and groups, including subject matter experts, community members, and other partners in the recycling system. These groups include: 

Oregon Recycling System Advisory Council

The Oregon Recycling System Advisory Council (ORSAC) will advise Oregon DEQ and the Producer Responsibility Organizations (PROs) on key recycling system elements, including the uniform statewide collection list, PRO program plans, and more. The council consists of 17 members appointed by the Governor, plus 2 non-voting members of the Legislature appointed by the Senate President and Speaker of the House. Members of the Council represent local governments, community-based organizations representing the interests of historically underserved groups, small business, environmental nonprofit organizations, the recycling industry, service providers, processors or material end users and producers of covered products or producer trade associations or suppliers. 

The ORSAC is an advisory body. The council will review key elements in the recycling system and provide recommendations to DEQ and the PROs. The council's duties begin during the initial development and implementation phase prior to July 2025 and continue throughout ongoing implementation in perpetuity. 

Truth in Labeling Task Force

The Truth in Labeling Task Force will study and evaluate misleading or confusing claims regarding the recyclability of products made on a product or packaging. The Task Force will consider issues affecting accessibility for diverse audiences. The Task Force became effective Jan. 1, 2022 and will produce a report to the legislature by June 1, 2022. 

Technical Work Groups

Subject matter experts with strong technical background in each project will inform specific topics. 

  • Material Lists –  Inform establishment of uniform statewide collection list and other recycling lists
  • Processor Fees and Permits – Inform establishment of fees paid by PROs to commingled recycling processing facilities. Inform establishment of new standards for DEQ permit or approved certification program.
  • Generator Contamination Reduction – Evaluate generator-facing methods for reducing contamination, and inform establishment of contamination reduction methods approved for local government implementation 

Rules Advisory Committees

Diverse range of partners interested in issues covered by each rulemaking. Members will help DEQ review the policy and fiscal impacts related to proposed rules. 

  • Rulemaking #1: PRO Fees and Plan Requirements, Local Government Compensation, Material Lists
  • Rulemaking #2: Commingled Processing Facility Permits and Certification, Processor Fees, Generator Contamination Reduction Programs, Life Cycle Assessment Standards