​Oregon’s strong recycling tradition was built on the idea that everyone should have the opportunity to recycle. However, many people who live in multifamily communities have inconsistent, inadequate access to convenient recycling collection services.

DEQ has been leading an ongoing, collaborative effort with involvement from many stakeholders, including local governments, recycling collection companies, tenants, and others. This work will help communities implement the expanded Opportunity to Recycle Act that will explicitly include tenants. The new legislation goes into effect July 1, 2022 and applies to cities with over 4,000 people, cities in the Metro Service District and associated urban growth boundaries.

In some cases, communities already extended recycling to people who live in multifamily properties as part of the optional state recycling program elements. Some communities also have various materials collection programs for businesses including recycling and wasted food collection.  

Progress to date

DEQ has undertaken the following efforts in support of this project:

  • Conducted research on the current state of multitenant recycling in Oregon. See research findings below.
  • Facilitated a stakeholder workgroup to develop a draft work plan for how DEQ and other parties can support recycling and reduce contamination at multitenant properties.
  • Collected feedback from stakeholders on the draft plan, through online comments and four public meetings across the state.
  • Analyzed the cost of implementing a range of actions from the draft plan.

Now, DEQ is working on a revision of the draft plan, which will be circulated with stakeholders before proceeding with implementation.

Stay tuned for updates by checking this webpage or signing up for the email list.

Resource documents and related links

DEQ conducted statewide research in 2017 to understand how many multifamily and multi-commercial properties have recycling, what successful programs look like, and what the opportunities are to improve the system. Staff asked for feedback from various stakeholders on what works and doesn’t work when providing recycling with shared recycling service.

Program contact

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