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Local Government Recycling Collection Expansion Needs Assessment

All Oregon cities and counties, regardless of size, will be eligible to receive funding from producer responsibility organizations for new expansion of on-route collection for residents and businesses, depot collection or both for covered recycling products under ORS 459A.890(5) (Section 13 or the Recycling Modernization Act).

To be eligible for this funding, local governments must indicate what expansion is needed as part of a needs assessment conducted by DEQ in 2022 and periodically thereafter. Eligible expenses include startup expenses with new on-route collection of covered recyclable products and recycling reload facility if needed and both startup and ongoing operating costs of new or expanded depots for covered recyclable products.

The list of recycling materials that can be collected commingled on-route and at depots will be determined by rule in an upcoming rulemaking.

DEQ will submit information collected as part of the needs assessment to PROs by July 1, 2023. PROs will be required to describe how they will provide this funding in the program plan they submit by March 31, 2024 for DEQ review and approval.

Expansion would occur after July 1, 2025 when the first DEQ-approved PRO program plans are to implemented. Once the plan is approved, PROs will begin working with local governments and their service providers to determine implementation.

Next steps

DEQ is preparing to execute a contract the beginning of July 2022 to plan and conduct outreach to all local governments (including those with populations under 4,000) to better understand their needs related to recycling expansion. DEQ anticipates conducting outreach later this summer or early fall with a needs assessment survey completed by the end of 2022.

DEQ is also preparing rules as part of an upcoming rulemaking to support implementation of ORS 459A.890(5). DEQ anticipates sharing the draft rules concept with the Rules Advisory Committee in September 2022, at a public meeting, with draft rules prepared in early 2023.


For more information please contact DEQ's project manager, Brian Stafki.