This page is a collaborative effort between the Department of Environmental Quality, local governments, haulers and industry leaders to help stakeholders communicate these unprecedented recycling disruptions to residents and customers. 

Recycle Right!

Statewide outreach effort to reduce contamination in recycling


How to talk about top recycling contamination:
Recycling messaging toolkit 
Herramientas para elaborar mensajería sobre el reciclaje
Social media toolkit
Recycle Right! Photo library


Recycling flyers/posters

Postcards and advertisements

Cart tags

Letters to residents (rate increases/program changes)



Why Is Our Recycling Going To Landfills?

Click to play the video for Why Is Our Recycling Going To Landfills?

Useful web pages and blogs


Looking for tips or advice when talking to the media on this topic?
Contact Julie Miller at 503-229-5509