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Meaningful language access to culturally responsive health care services: technical assistance

As of January 2021, coordinated care organizations (CCOs) have a new incentive metric: Meaningful language access to culturally responsive health care services. This metric, which measures the provision of quality interpreter services, is based on the proportion of member visits with spoken and sign language interpreter needs provided with OHA qualified or certified health care interpreters. The Transformation Center is providing technical assistance to support CCOs in meeting this measure. 

Learning collaborative

The OHA Transformation Center, in partnership with the Division of Equity and Inclusion, is hosting a short-term learning collaborative for CCO staff focused on meaningful language access to culturally responsive health care services. 

​Topic: Sharing coordinated care organization (CCO) health equity plans related to language assistance (focus area 7 on language access reporting mechanisms, focus area 3 on culturally and linguistically appropriate services, focus area 4 on CLAS as an organizational framework, and focus area 6 on organizational training and education)​​​

​​​Topic: Providing notice to CCO members about language assistance services; translation of notices and written materials; providing language assistance services to deaf and hard of hearing and other members with disabilities​

​​​Topic: Training for clinical and administrative staff about language assistance services​

Topic: Documenting CCO member language assistance needs and utilization of language assistance services; documenting use of certified/qualified health care interpreters; how to document utilization of multi-​lingual providers



Adrienne Mullock: or 971-207-1383