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To view documents from past contract years, click the "Effective Date" field to display documents and due dates for a specific contract year. 

For documents from older contract years, email the CCO Contract Administrator.

Other Reports6/2/2023Member Handbook CCO Model Handbook 2024
Other Reports6/2/2023Member Handbook Submission and Review Guidelines 2024
Other Reports6/2/2023Member Handbook CCO Model Member Handbook Redline Changes List 2024
Other Reports6/2/2023Member Handbook Evaluation Criteria 2024
Other Reports1/30/2023IIBHT Quarterly Report Template 2023
Other Reports1/27/2023Hep C DAA CY 2022 Case Management Data Template
Other Reports12/28/2022PCPCH Reporting - Reference Copy, 12-2022
Other Reports11/30/2022Personal Injury Liens Policies and Procedures Evaluation Criteria, 11-2022
Other Reports11/30/2022Personal Injury Liens Requirements - Policy and Procedure Guidance , 11-2022
Other Reports11/17/2022EPSDT Guidance, 11-17-2022
Other Reports9/20/2022MCE Nondiscrimination Statement Checklist
Other Reports9/20/2022Member Notice Template Evaluation Criteria_2022
Other Reports9/8/2022Affiliated Medicare Advantage Plan Report, 09-2022
Other Reports9/8/2022Affiliated Medicare Advantage Plan Guidance, 09-2022
Other Reports9/6/2022Member Handbook Evaluation Criteria_Final 2023
Other Reports9/6/2022Member Handbook CCO Model Handbook_Final 2023
Other Reports8/15/2022Grievance and Appeals Log, 08-2022
Other Reports8/15/2022Grievance System Report, 08-2022
Other Reports8/15/2022Grievance System Reporting Instructions, 08-2022
Other Reports8/11/2022THW Deliverables Instructions and Plan Update Template, 08-2022
Other Reports8/11/2022THW Deliverables Guidance and Evaluation Criteria, 08-22
Other Reports8/11/2022THW Integration and Utilization Data Report Template, 08-2022
Other Reports8/8/2022NOABD and Prior Authorization sample evaluation criteria, 08-2022
Other Reports8/1/2022Comprehensive Behavioral Health Plan Progress Report Evaluation Criteria, 04-2022
Other Reports6/1/2022Member Handbook Submission and Review Guidelines_Final 2023
Other Reports6/1/2022NEMT Rider Guide Submission and Review Guidelines 2023
Other Reports6/1/2022NEMT Rider Guide_Evaluation Criteria_Final 2023
Other Reports5/31/2022Quality Pool Distribution Plan Template, 05-2022
Other Reports5/26/2022Care Coordination Report Template, 05-2022
Other Reports5/26/2022Comprehensive Behavioral Health Plan Evaluation Criteria and Guidance Document Crosswalk, 05-2022
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