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Tobacco-Free County Properties - ToPPEC Results and Resources

HPCDP worked with county health departments to conduct the Tobacco-free Properties Policy Evaluation in Counties (ToPPEC) evaluation project. ToPPEC was guided by a user panel that included TPEP coordinators and HPCDP staff. A policy change model was developed to illustrate the steps that lead to policy adoption and implementation. The model, along with evaluation findings and suggested tools for each stage, are posted below.


HPCDP Policy Change Process Model - revised 5/2018

ToPPEC Results 

The documents below outline major themes for each of the nine stages in the policy change model, providing an overview of each stage, key findings, local examples, tips for successfully addressing the stage, and tools from TPEP coordinators.


Stage 1 Tools

Stage 1 – Identify the Problem

Benton County Tobacco-free Worksite Employee Survey

Checklist for Tobacco-free Facilities

Observational Checklist

Sample Observational Study

Sample Tobacco-free County Properties Policy

Stage 2 Tools

Stage 2 – Engage Stakeholders

Partnership Toolkit

Power Mapping Exercise

Stakeholder Matrix

Stage 3 Tools

Stage 3 – Assess Readiness for Policy Change

Conducting Interviews – Tips and Tools

Sample Tobacco-free Properties Survey

Discussion Questions for Meeting with County Commissioners

Focus Group Tips

Stage 4 Tools

Stage 4 – Decision Maker Education

Sample Work Session Presentation

Sample Letter to Commissioners

Talking Points

Stage 5 Tools

Stage 5 – Public Education

Outreach and Education Plan Template

Sample Policy Presentation to Department Heads

Talking Points for Managers

Stage 6 Tools

Stage 6 – Draft Policy and Plan Implementation

Policy Presentation

County Policy Tracker

Implementation Action Items and Timeline

Policy Drafting Checklist

Sample Tobacco-free County Properties Policy

Stage 7 Tools

Stage 7 – Adopt Policy

Education, Advocacy, Lobbying and Electioneering Presentation

Reframing Tip Sheet

Testifying Tip Sheet

Stage 8 Tools

Stage 8 – Implement Policy and Support Compliance

Policy Brochure

Sample Enforcement Newsletter

Talking Points for Employees

Implementation Action Items and Timeline

Sample Email Message to Managers

Tobacco-free Policy Poster

Policy Drafting Checklist

Sample Email to All Employees

Sample Website Scroll

Tobacco-free Policy Sign - Malheur

Tobacco-free Policy Sign - Multnomah

Tobacco-free Policy Sign - Umatilla

Stage 9 Tools

Stage 9 - Evaluate

Observation Tips and Tools

Observational Checklist

Sample Employee Survey

Sample Key Informant Interview Questions

Sample Observational Study Survey

Sample Client Interview Questions

Sample Evaluation Plan

For additional resources related to tobacco-free worksite policy go to the Tobacco-free Worksites page.