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Teacher Licensure

2018-19 Course- to- Endorsement Catalogue

The Course-to-Endorsement Catalogue is a collaborative project between ODE, TSPC and Districts which identifies by endorsements the courses that the teacher is authorized to teach. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires the teacher be properly licensed/endorsed for each course he/she teaches.
The Catalogue includes descriptions of each course. Districts are encouraged to read the descriptions for the course codes to select the course code that best fits the content being taught.  The Catalogue was updated on 6/30/2018 to include the new Legacy Endorsements and other clarifications/corrections.
Please read the Using the Course-to-Endorsement Catalogue instruction document to understand how the Catalogue works.

2018-19 Course to Endorsement Lookup Tool 

The Course to Endorsement Lookup Tool contains the same information as the Catalogue, just in a dropdown menu format. This new tool was published on 8/22/18.
The tool contains both a lookup table to search course codes that can be taught by specific endorsement, and a lookup table to search endorsements authorized to teach a specific course code. The tool lists all possible endorsements that teachers may have (which includes endorsements that are being phased out based on Licensure Redesign).

2017-18 Course to Endorsement Catalogue 

The 2017-18 Catalogue is still available for reference purpose only. Use the 2018-19 Catalogue for current information.


In Oregon, the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission is the licensing agency for all educators.
Please visit the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission website for more information.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) Licensing

To teach in an Oregon state approved CTE program, the instructor must have an appropriate CTE license and/or endorsement, specific to the program career area.
For more information, please visit the Career and Technical Education Teacher Licensure page.

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