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Highway Division Rulemaking Actions

Proposed Highway Division Rules

These proposed rule changes are open for public comment. Please send your written comments to the ODOT Rules Coordinator.

There are no proposed Highway Division rules for public comment at this time.

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Recently Closed Highway Division Rules

Proposed rules in this section are no longer open for public comment. The Oregon Transportation Commission will consider approval of these rule changes at its next meeting.

There are no recently closed Highway Division rules at this time.

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Recently Adopted Highway Division Rules

These rule changes were adopted approximately within the last six months.

Advertising Sign Program Rule Updates

These rule amendments add definitions, provide guidance for non-outdoor advertising digital signs, and clarify current practices and policies of the department regarding the outdoor advertising permit process.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rules adopted: 734-059-0040, 734-060-0190
Rules amended: 734-059-0015, 734-059-0020, 734-059-0025, 734-059-0220, 734-060-0000, 734-060-0007, 734-060-0175
Filed and effective: December 19, 2014

Removing Personal Property from Illegal Campsites on State Highway Rights of Way

The Department of Transportation may remove personal property that is left on state highway rights of way. This rule amendment clarifies the procedures outlined in OAR 734-035-0010 and 734-035-0040 pertaining to the removal of personal property specifically from camping on state highway rights of way that are not closed to public entry under OAR 734-035-0200. These permanent rules will replace temporary rules filed on June 25, 2014.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rules amended: 734-035-0010, 734-035-0040
Date filed: November 26, 2014
Effective date: December 8, 2014

Designation and Posting of Department Real Property as Closed to Public Entry

This rule addresses ongoing risks to personal and public safety, infrastructure, and natural resources. It will enable ODOT to safeguard designated areas outside of the travel surface, shoulders, and ditches of state highways against unauthorized public access, provide clarity and direction to ODOT staff, remedy existing unsanitary or unsafe conditions, and facilitate ODOT and contractor access to perform work to construct, operate and maintain the State of Oregon’s transportation infrastructure. This permanent rule will replace a temporary rule filed August 20, 2014.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rule amended: 734-035-0200
Date filed: November 26, 2014
Effective date: December 8, 2014

Highway Approach Permitting, Access Control, and Access Management Standards

These rule revisions implement Chapter 476, OL 2013 and correct errors, update references, and improve clarity of meaning. These permanent rules replace temporary rules that went into effect January 1, 2014.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rules adopted: 734-051-1065, 734-051-3015
Rules amended: 734-051-1030, 734-051-1040, 734-051-1070, 734-051- 2010, 734-051-2020, 734-051-3010, 734-051-3020, 734-051-3040, 734-051-3050, 734-051-3060, 734-051-3070, 734-051-4020, 734-051-5060, 734-051-5120, 734-051-7010
Rules repealed: 734-051-8010(T), 734-051-8015(T), 734-051-8020(T), 734-051-8025(T), 734-051- 8030(T)
Date filed: June 25, 2014
Effective date: June 30, 2014

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Published Highway Division Rules

This link will take you to the Highway Division rules page on the Secretary of State's website.
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