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Highway Division Rulemaking Actions

Proposed Highway Division Rules

These proposed rule changes are open for public comment. Please send your written comments to the ODOT Rules Coordinator.

There are no proposed Highway Division rules at this time.

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Recently Closed Highway Division Rules

These proposals are no longer open for public comment. The Oregon Transportation Commission will consider approval of these proposed changes at its next meeting.

There are no recently closed Highway Division rules at this time.

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Recently Adopted Highway Division Rules

These rule changes were adopted approximately within the last six months.

Oregon Coordinate System: Expansion of Coordinate Zones

In 2011 the Oregon Transportation Commission adopted new administrative rules defining the Oregon Coordinate System as authorized by 2011 Senate Bill 877. This amendment adds 19 additional Oregon Coordinate Reference System mapping projection coordinate zones to 734-005-0015. These additional zones cover additional portions of the state to meet the needs of geospatial professionals in Oregon.

Final Rule Text          Coordinates Table          Filing Certificate

Rule amended: 734-005-0015
Filed and effective: December 16, 2016

Real Property Land Use Authorizations

This rule was amended to bring program administration process in line with practice by outlining when the department can authorize use of real property if a lease or easement is not appropriate. In addition the rule was relocated within division 35 rules.

Final Rule Text          Filing Certificate

Rule amended and renumbered: 734-050-0105 to 734-035-0140
Filed and effective: December 16, 2016

Contractor Performance Evaluations

This rulemaking revised the title of chapter 734, division 10 to accurately reflect the contents of the division, added a definitions rule, repealed rule 350 which does not apply to contractor performance evaluations, clarified the original intent of the rules that contractor performance evaluations remain on record for 36 months for the purpose of determining cumulative occurrences of unacceptable performance and required corrective action, separated performance levels 2 and 3 so occurrences at each level are treated independently in determining corrective action, eliminated redundant language and implemented other minor typographical and grammatical edits.

Final Rule Text          Tables          Filing Certificate

Rule adopted: 734-010-0285
Rules amended: 734-010-0290, 734-010-0300, 734-010-0320, 734-010-0330, 734-010-0340, 734-010-0360, 734-010-0380
Rule repealed: 734-010-0350
Filed and effective: November 28, 2016

Outdoor Advertising Sign Program Updates

​These rules were amended to: (1) Update incorrect reference, and add language in the definitions portion of chapter 734 that will assist the Department in communicating the scope of certain rules as they apply to the location of outdoor advertising signs. (2) Clarify the requirement to inform the Department of ownership changes of outdoor advertising sign permits or permitted signs removed from permitted locations. (3) Consolidate all transit bench/shelter sign rules into Division 65. (4) Modify limits on temporary sign variance to better accommodate needs of citizens. (5) Add language to address limited or restricted permits for non-conforming signs. (6) Clarify standard for digital and LED signs at a place of business visible to a state highway.

Final Rule Text          Table          Filing Certificate

Rule adopted: 734-060-0180
Rules amended: 734-059-0015, 734-059-0200, 734-060-0000, 734-060-0175, 734-060-0190, 734-065-0010, 734-065-0015, 734-065-0020, 734-065-0025, 734-065-0035, 734-065-0040, 734-065-0045
Rule repealed: 734-060-0010
Filed and effective: November 28, 2016

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Published Highway Division Rules

This link will take you to the Highway Division rules page on the Secretary of State's website.
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