Daimler Trucks North America LLCDaimler Trucks North America LLC owns and operates a truck manufacturing and painting facility in the Swan Island industrial area in North Portland. The facility has a Title V air quality permit from DEQ. 

Title V Air Quality Permit 

​DEQ held a public process for the renewal of Daimler's Title V air quality permit from October to December 2020, including a virtual public hearing on Nov. 30, 2020. The public comment period closed on Dec. 14, 2020. DEQ is currently working on responses to the comments it received.

Once DEQ has responded to comments, DEQ will send the proposed permit to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. EPA has 45 days to review it and submit objections to DEQ. If EPA has no objections, anyone may petition EPA with an objection during the following 60 days.

If you have any questions about the air quality permit, contact DEQ permit writer, David Kauth at 503-229-5053 or

Daimler Complaints Line

Following requests from the community, Daimler has set up a complaints hotline. If you want to alert Daimler of a complaint, please call the following number:

Daimler Complaint Line: 503-745-3036
Toll-free: 1-800-206-9814

You can still submit complaints to DEQ at​

Previous updates

Odor Nuisance Determination

On Aug. 15, 2018, DEQ issued Daimler a notice of suspected odor nuisance. The notice provides Daimler the opportunity to enter into a Best Work Practices Agreement with DEQ to reduce odors from the facility. If Daimler does not agree to reduce odors, DEQ will pursue enforcement. Daimler has 20 days to respond to DEQ.

This decision was based on data gathered over a five-year period, including data from DEQ's air monitoring stations, DEQ odor studies and information from DEQ's complaints system, as well as odor data collected by the University of Portland and submitted to DEQ. 

Permit in​​​formation

Best Work Practices Agreement

After the issuance of the suspected odor nuisance notice, DEQ and Daimler entered into discussions to develop a Best Work Practices Agreement. The agreement was signed in August 2020 and is now in effect. Elements of the BWPA will be incorporated into the renewed Title V permit.