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Ridwell, Inc. has established operations in Oregon. They provide a service to collect hard to recycle waste materials from homes for a monthly service fee. Ridwell is subject to requirements at the state and local levels for the type of service they provide (for more information see the first two FAQ answers below).

DEQ regulates solid waste based on Oregon law and regulations. Solid waste is discarded waste materials that are disposed or recycled. DEQ issues permits to local governments and businesses that accept solid waste for sorting, disposal or recycling. Ridwell, and other facilities handling waste materials, must get a solid waste permit to protect human health and the environment by ensuring waste materials are collected, transported, handled and disposed of properly.

Current status

DEQ approved Ridwell's solid waste permit application on April 7, 2022. The public comment period was open until April 5, 2022 and included a virtual public hearing on March 30. DEQ received no comments on the permit.

Read Ridwell's permit documents:

To be notified of Ridwell and other solid waste permit public notices by email or text, you can sign up for the Solid Waste Permit notification list through GovDelivery.

Frequently asked questions

No. DEQ cannot compel a local government to allow Ridwell to operate in their area. Counties and cities regulate what waste materials are collected for recycling from homes and businesses and how those waste materials are collected. Counties and cities establish their own requirements through ordinances and codes.

Check with your local city or county if you have questions about why Ridwell is or isn't operating there.

Local government websites about Ridwell:

Ridwell must get a DEQ solid waste permit because they are handling waste materials including batteries and fluorescent bulbs. If these materials are mis-managed, they can harm the environment. The permit allows DEQ to ensure safe collection, transport, handling and disposal of waste materials.​​

No. DEQ regulates the facility, but has limited information about where materials go. As part of DEQ’s new recycling law, the Recycling Modernization Act, DEQ will increase transparency and accountability around where recycled materials ultimately go.​​

On Jan. 1, 2022, DEQ passed the Recycling Modernization Act, and is planning for the rulemaking process. DEQ will begin implementing those rules in July 2025. The rules will create changes at every aspect of the recycling system, making recycling in Oregon easier and more accessible.

You can learn more about the Recycling Modernization Act and what it means by listening to DEQ's podcast, GreenState (available wherever you get your podcasts).

Visit the Recycling Modernization Act webpage to learn more about next steps, stay informed and get involved! ​


Technical questions:

Inez Lawson
Solid Waste Compliance Specialist

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