Grimm’s Fuel Company operates a composting facility that receives and processes yard debris at 18850 SW Cipole Road in Tualatin. Grimm’s has a DEQ solid waste composting facility permit for its operations.

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May 2018

Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue notified Grimm’s on May 2 that it is in violation of Oregon Fire Code as it relates to the maximum size of compost files on its site. As a result, Grimm’s is required to reduce its pile sizes to no more than 25 feet in height by May 2019. As a condition of its permit from DEQ and license from Metro, Grimm’s must comply with all local codes and requirements.
DEQ notified Grimm’s on May 4 that DEQ will be initiating a permit modification to include the 25-foot maximum pile height fire code requirement as a condition of the permit. Grimm’s will need to submit updated operations and odor minimization plans as well as facility design and construction plans to meet the pile height reductions.

DEQ issued a pre-enforcement notice to Grimm's on March 13, 2018 for several permit violations DEQ identified while investigating odor complains in February 2018. Violations include:

  • Leachate was being allowed to mix with stormwater in violation of the solid waste requirements.
  • Several fires had occurred at the compost facility that Grimm’s had not reported to DEQ as required by the DEQ permit.
  • Grimm’s was not measuring moisture content of compost as required by the DEQ permit.

DEQ has asked Grimm’s to take corrective action to prevent these violations from reoccurring and has referred these violations to DEQ’s Office of Compliance and Enforcement for enforcement evaluation.

DEQ is working with Metro and Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue to identify additional actions for Grimm’s to take to address offsite odor issues.

​DEQ issued a new permit to Grimm’s in November 2015.

Background: DEQ offered a draft permit for public comment on Sept. 30, 2013 and held a public hearing on Oct. 30, 2013. Due to the level of community interest, DEQ extended the public comment period to Nov. 20, 2013. In response to the comments, DEQ made revisions to the draft permit, and issued it on May 1, 2014. Grimm’s appealed the permit. DEQ revised conditions of the permit and initiated an additional public comment period on June 2, 2015. DEQ held a public hearing on the latest draft compost permit on July 8, 2015. DEQ responded to comments received and issued a new compost permit to Grimm’s Fuel on Nov. 20, 2015.

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Erin Jackson, DEQ Northwest Region Permit Coordinator, 503-229-5353