In 2020, DEQ issued several penalties to Columbia NW Recycling and West Side Quarry for solid waste, site reclamation, and water quality violations at the West Side Quarry (previously referred to as Hayden Quarry) in Cornelius. See descriptions of violations below.
Currently, DEQ is working with Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (referred to as DOGAMI) and Washington County to address solid waste, water quality and land use concerns at the site. The site is regulated under DOGAMI Permit ID 34-0026. These three agencies prepared a presentation for the local Community Participation Organization, CPO15, on Aug. 5, 2020 and April 14, 2021.

Status of the enforcement​

As of July 2021

Current violations

  • Solid waste: Establishing, operating and maintaining a disposal site at Westside Rock Hayden quarry without a permit. Read the full penalty document.

  • Site reclamation: Reclaiming the site inconsistent with the approved Reclamation Plan by importing fill material without an approved clean fill plan. Read the full notice of violation.

  • Water quality: Activities impacting water quality in violation of their stormwater permit, officially referred to as a NPDES 1200-A General Permit. Read the full penalty documents from February 2020 and May 2020.

Restrictions on the site

  • Suspension Order: DOGAMI lifted its Suspension Order on April 1, 2021 following its approval of West Side Quarry’s Reclamation Fill and Drainage Plan and Stormwater Pollution Control Plan. Reclamation activities may now resume. 

  • Solid waste: Columbia NW Recycling cannot receive and store any glass or asphalt shingle waste without prior approval from DEQ. However, DEQ determined the glass waste currently on site is clean fill, and can remain in place and be used as fill. Columbia NW Recycling must remove all asphalt shingle waste from the property by Oct. 15, 2021 and properly dispose of it.

  • Site reclamation: West Side Quarry has submitted a Reclamation Fill and Drainage Plan and DOGAMI has approved it. Westside Rock may now begin bringing clean fill into the site.

  • Water quality: West Side Quarry has submitted a revised Stormwater Pollution Control Plan and DOGAMI has approved it. Stormwater may be discharged from the site in accordance with the SWPCP and the 1200-A General Permit.

Requirements for compliance

  • Solid Waste: Columbia NW Recycling must submit an asphalt shingle waste disposal plan for DEQ review and approval. DEQ has been providing comments on the current version of the plan and will provide final review when Columbia NW Recycling submits a full, complete plan.

  • Site reclamation: West Side Quarry has submitted a Reclamation Fill and Drainage Plan and DOGAMI has approved it. West Side Quarry may now resume importing clean fill to restore the site to forestry.

  • Water Quality: West Side Quarry must adhere to the DOGAMI approved Stormwater Pollution Control Plan. Based on the groundwater investigation and water sampling results, there are no indications of adverse impacts from disposal activities to wells used by adjacent properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following the determination that the glass waste did not contain contamination, there is no known contaminants within the quarry that would impact groundwater. DEQ wanted to confirm this and check groundwater for petroleum contamination that could have resulted from equipment storage. DEQ reviewed the groundwater information collected by the quarry from two on-site locations where groundwater was discharging at the surface in the form of seeps as well as groundwater from the on-site water supply well.

Results of the groundwater monitoring on the site showed no impacts from the disposal activities or equipment storage. Given the determination that the quarry fill material did not contain contamination, the hydrology of the area and the fact that the seeps and groundwater well showed no impacts from disposal activities, quarry activity is unlikely to have impacted off-site wells. DEQ will not be requiring the quarry to test off-site wells at this time.

Read the Groundwater Assessment Report and the Well Water Assessment Report.

​The quarry will hire a qualified consultant to create the plan for the groundwater investigation, and that plan is subject to DOGAMI and DEQ review and approval before it can be implemented. The burden to develop and fund plans to come into compliance, like the ones described above, is placed on the violator rather than the state, and is subject to state agency review and approval to ensure that it will be protective of human health and the environment.

Columbia NW Recycling has performed a Clean Fill Determination on the glass waste. DEQ has reviewed this Clean Fill Determination and agrees that the glass waste is substantially the same as clean fill Columbia NW Recycling can use it as reclamation fill within the quarry.

​In order for DEQ to issue the quarry a solid waste permit, they would need to submit a complete application, which would include a Land Use Compatibility Statement from Washington County.

Currently, Columbia NW Recycling and Westside Rock are working to complete the plans and sampling work that DEQ and DOGAMI have required. In terms of the enforcement actions, the next step is for the entities to engage in settlement discussions. If a settlement cannot be reached, the case will go to a formal public hearing.

According to the approved Reclamation Fill and Drainage Plan, approximately 3.2 million cubic years of fill material will be placed at the site and the timing is based on market conditions which is uncertain. West Side Quarry expects that an average of 200 trucks will deliver fill material to the site each working day. Based on several assumptions considering tuck loads, compaction rates, and market availability, the reclamation of the site will be completed in approximately six to eight years.

DEQ will update this webpage regularly. You can reach out and contact Jeremy Fleming or Lauren Wirtis with specific questions. Additionally, DEQ, DOGAMI and Washington County have been in regular communications with members of the local Community Participation Organization, CPO15. Go to the CPO15 website to get connected to other people in the community engaged around this issue


Technical Contact: Jeremy Fleming,  503-229-5590

Community Contact: Lauren Wirtis, 503-229-6488