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deqtoo logoWha​​t is DEQ Too?

DEQ Too™ is a test method that allows you to complete your vehicle emissions test from wherever your car is located.  While you can still test at Clean Air Stations, you can choose to instead use this different method if you’d like:

  • DEQ is partnering with private business locations that motorists already frequent; like gas stations, car washes, oil change shops, repair service centers, etc. In addition to their other services, these businesses can take care of their customers’ DEQ “too”. 
  • Also, some motorists use continuously connected telematics devices that help with turn-by-turn navigation, road-tolling, usage-based auto insurance, etc.  DEQ is partnering with telematics providers that have made their devices capable of taking care of their customers’ DEQ “too”.

How does ​DEQ Too work?

Technology has advanced so much that newer, computerized cars don’t even receive a “visual” inspection at Clean Air Stations. It’s all based on emissions diagnostics data being transmitted via a cable connection between your car’s on-board computer and DEQ’s computer.  And now wireless telematics devices and electronic vehicle identification numbers (E-VINs) make it possible to test from wherever your car is without a cable connection. You just need to have one of these telematics testing devices plugged into your vehicle. So DEQ has partnered with private business owners to create a device-sharing distribution network so enough devices are available around the region for you to use. Just like cars or bikes are shared today, the same goes for testing devices which are only needed every 24 months to pass DEQ. 
locations mapAfter pulling into a participating location to take care of your other needs, the business will plug-in the device on your behalf. You’ll be done using the device in about a minute, and then it can be shared with the next motorist that needs it. The wireless device transfers your emissions data from your vehicle’s on-board computer to DEQ and then you can immediately check results and renew registration online.  Your new registration stickers will arrive within as few as 3 business days via USPS First Class mail. DEQ staff and systems still make the pass/fail determination.
  • Watch video of how you could take care of your DEQ while at a gas station.
  • This instruction sheet is given to each DEQ Too customer by the participating business.

Why is DEQ offerin​​g this new testing method?

Air quality! Testing helps reduce vehicle emissions (top source of air pollution) and is often the only way to personally contribute to cleaner air in your community. DEQ Too further reduces air pollution, traffic congestion and wait times/lines. There’s no extra trip to a DEQ station and with population booming, this should help offset the amount of customers coming to the stations.
Choices and convenience!  We know it can be a challenge for our operations to match up with everyone's specific needs, so we are giving you more choices. You select the method that’s most convenient for your particular situation on any given day. You can choose to get your car tested at a Clean Air Station by a DEQ inspector, use self-service kiosks, or now remotely via the DEQ Too internet test method.
Boost to business!  Companies participate because it’s another service offering that can attract/retain customers and many charge a device-usage fee (some offer the service for free). Auto dealerships have also enrolled to test their own inventory and so can companies with a fleet of vehicles. View the current DEQ Too Business Participants List and learn how easy it is for your company to enroll.

Questions and answers

Q.  Are only certain vehicles eligible? 
A.  Yes, only 2005 and newer model year vehicles are eligible because they are capable of sending their E-VIN from their on-board computers to DEQ.


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