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The DEQ Too™ test option uses telematics devices to transmit OBD data without the motorist visiting a Clean Air Station. With DEQ Too, test data is remotely delivered from a service provider to DEQ for electronic evaluation and a pass/fail determination. This test method is now available at more than 200 automotive repair facilities, car dealerships and a wide range of other business locations in the Portland and Medford metro areas.

If you are looking for general information about this test method please see our DEQ Too resources. Considering a DEQ Too test or want to check your results, please visit our DEQ Too Customer resources.  If you are a testing customer these resources include a description and map to Participating Businesses, and a place to Check Results. If you are a business that is considering joining our DEQ Too network, or if you need resources for existing testing services, please see our “Business Partners" portal.

​All the following criteria must be met for the use of DEQ Too testing:
  1. Vehicle is registered within the DEQ testing boundary. Not sure, click here. 

  2. Have a current registration renewal and must be renewed before the registration has been expired for over 365 days.

  3. Able to complete DEQ certification and DMV registration online only.

  4. Vehicle model year is 4 years or older​

  5. Vehicle must have an electronic VIN; typically, model years 2005 and newer. (Gasoline/flex fueled vehicles larger than 8,500 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight, and must be model years 2013 and newer. GVW can normally be found on the driver’s side door-jam labels.)

  6. Standard passenger plated vehicles only. (No: T-plate, B-Plate, Permanent Fleet, Tow/recovery)​

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