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Failed Vehicle

A primary objective of the Vehicle Inspection Program is to encourage vehicle maintenance throughout the life of your vehicle. A well-maintained vehicle pollutes less and benefits from improved gas mileage. Vehicles with malfunctioning emission controls emit three to four times more air pollution than federal standards allow. For these reasons, our goal is for every vehicle to pass its inspection.

If your vehicle does not pass its inspection, we offer several resources to assist you in getting the needed repairs. These resources include:

Fail Form resources

If your vehicle did not pass its inspection you should have received a Fail Form. This short document helps with understanding your test results, and summarizes how to proceed. With most failed inspections, you will want to take your test results to your mechanic for assistance. To accommodate those situations, the Oregon Vehicle Inspection Program offers free re-tests.

If you vehicle failed due to visible smoke, please review our Smoking Vehicles Fact Sheet | Autos Emitiendo Humo en Exceso prior to visiting your mechanic.

After your vehicle is repaired, but before you return for a re-test, please note that most vehicles will not pass inspection if the "Check Engine" light is illuminated on your dashboard. Also, after receiving any repairs, it is important to learn from your mechanic when the vehicle is ready for inspection, to avoid it being in “unready" status.

Recognized Automotive Repair Shops 

The Vehicle Inspection Program does not recommend any specific repairs, or repair facilities. We do, however, maintain a list of Recognized Automotive Repair Shops for the Portland-Metro area. This list is simply a consumer guide to repair facilities that have trained technicians to make emission testing related adjustments and repairs.

Clean Air Partners Program 

Low-income residents in the Portland area can participate in the Clean Air Partners Program. To qualify the vehicle must be 1996 or newer, have failed the OBD test and require minor repairs to the emission control system. Donations collected for the CAPs program are used to help those in need, repair their vehicles, pass the vehicle inspection test and drive cleaner, less polluting vehicles. For more information read our Clean Air Partners Fact Sheet