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New to the Oregon and DEQ?

Those who are new to Oregon may have questions about DEQ’s Vehicle Inspection Program. Vehicles registered in the Portland Metro and Medford/Ashland area are required to pass an emissions test in order to register a vehicle. Then, the vehicle must be tested again every two years before the registration can be renewed.

​No, you do not need to bring any paperwork in order to have your vehicle tested. All you need to bring is the vehicle itself.
​Fee information can be found by following the below links.
​We have six stations in the Portland Metro area and one in the Medford/Ashland area. You can find the station closest to you by clicking on the below links.
Note: Vehicles new to the state are not eligible to use the DEQ Too program.
​No, you do not need an appointment. Testing is first come, first served.
​Testing takes between five and eight minutes per vehicle.
  • Tuesdays and Saturdays are generally the busiest days of the week.
  • Lines are often shorter on Thursdays, Fridays and mid-month.
​You can see which vehicles must be test in the Portland and the Medford areas. To find out if your vehicle falls within a testing area, visit our Inspection Boundary Lookup.
We do not inspect for functioning taillights or blinkers. We only test for emissions compliance.
We can only perform a VIN inspection in addition to an emissions test. Motorcycles, off-road vehicles, trailers and any other vehicles not required to have an emissions test will need to have VIN inspections performed at the DMV.

noun-no-pets-3360044.png​​​BE AWARE: Pets are not allowed in inspection stations​​ – for the safety of staff, the public, and our furry friends (service animals​ are allowed).​​​​​

In most instances, you will be asked to exit the vehicle during the testing process. 
We ask that children are not left unattended in the vehicle.
​The type of test your vehicle needs depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking, 1995 and older vehicles receive a tailpipe test, while 1996 and newer vehicles receive a computerized test known as an On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) test. For more information, visit our test methods page.

​For questions or feedback on the Vehicle Inspection Program, visit our Questions and Comments page, or call one of our area contact numbers below:

  • Portland Area: 503-229-5066
  • Medford Area: 541-776-6145
  • Toll-Free in Oregon: 877-476-0583
  • Hearing Impaired: 711​