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Frequently Asked Questions

​​The DMV offers “Trip Permits” that enable the short term operation of a vehicle that is not currently registered.  Fees and restrictions apply. For additional information about Trip Permits, and other DMV registration information, please see DMV Registration or the link to DMV information for Trip Permits​.

DEQ values the watchful eyes and ears of Oregonians concerned with our environment.

If you see a car or truck that shows visible exhaust for more than 10 seconds, you can report the vehicle. 

DEQ may contact the driver of the vehicle, but does not conduct formal enforcement activity. Any city, county or state police officer who witnesses excessive smoke from a motor-vehicle can issue the driver a citation. You may contact your local law enforcement agency and file a non-emergency complaint.

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​Vehicles identified as needing a DEQ emission test but are temporarily located outside of Oregon must still be emission certified to complete registration. In these situations, vehicles owners are subject to one of two testing requirements:

  1. If you vehicle is located in Oregon or less than 150 miles from the Oregon border, you are required to test using one of our many testing options.
  2. If your vehicle is located in another state and more than 150 miles from the Oregon border, you are required to test through an out-of-state program; if no out-of-state program exists, you may obtain proof of exemption.

Additional details, and resources for addressing these situations, please see Vehicles Temporarily Located Outside of Oregon.​