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Reporting and Other Forms

Air Contaminant Discharge Permits applications and reporting forms

Air Contaminant Discharge Permits regulate minor sources of air contaminant emissions, but are also required for any new major source or major modification at a major source. A General ACDP differs from the other types in that it is issued for an entire source category and qualifying facilities are subsequently assigned to the permit. The other types of ACDPs are issued for an individual facility.

Title V forms and guidance

The Oregon Title V Operating Permit program requires all major sources to apply for an Oregon Title V Operating Permit, as established by Title V of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. The Clean Air Act requires each state’s Title V operating permit program to be fully funded by permit fees. Oregon’s Title V fees include annual fees and fees for specific activities such as permit modifications. Title V permit holders submit an emission fee report to DEQ along with their annual report.


If you have questions or need help finding a form, please contact your Permit Coordinator in the appropriate regional office.