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Small Solid Fuel-Fired Boilers

An Overview

The Environmental Quality Commission adopted permanent rule amendments for small and mid-size solid fuel-fired boilers in February 2012. The rule amendments apply to boilers that use solid fuel (biomass or coal) as the primary fuel source which are located at industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. DEQ developed the rule amendments to allow the sale of small boilers in Oregon while ensuring they meet applicable state and federal air quality standards. While not required to be permitted, these types of boilers must meet state requirements for visible emissions as well as federal tune-up requirements under the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Area Source Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Boilers. To learn more about the NESHAP tune-up requirements that apply to small industrial, commercial and institutional boilers, please see the fact sheet below.
Owners and operators of small industrial, commercial and institutional boilers are also required to submit a Notice of Intent to Construct to DEQ and obtain approval from the department before constructing, installing or modifying a boiler or related pollution control equipment. For assistance in submitting a Notice of Intent to Construct, please contact your local DEQ office.
The February 2012 permanent rule amendments also require owners and operators of small industrial, commercial and institutional boilers to register their boilers with DEQ upon written request.

At this time, DEQ is not requesting registration of small boilers.