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Title V Reporting Forms

Annual Fee Reporting Forms

The F1100 series provides Title V Operating Permit holders the forms needed to report emissions of regulated air pollutants subject to fees. Title V sources are required to pay emission fees for annual emissions, in addition to an annual base fee and user fees. Title V source owners/operators must report annual emissions of these air pollutants for fee assessment: particulates, oxides of nitrogen (NOx), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOC). Owners and operators report emissions for only the pollutants for which their permit establishes emission limits.
Please refer to your permit for instructions on where to send your reporting forms.

Annual Compliance Reporting Forms

The R1000 Series provides the necessary forms for each owner/operator of a facility operating under an Oregon Title V Operating Permit to report the compliance status of their facility with all permit conditions. Annual emission reporting and semi-annual compliance reporting is included. The forms are also used to report compliance with applicable regulations that became effective after the permit was issued, but are not included in the permit yet.

Annual Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocols

Oregon greenhouse gas reporting rules require the owner or operator of any facility holding a Title V Operating Permit with direct emissions of 2,500 metric tons or more of carbon dioxide equivalent (mtCO2e) during a year to report greenhouse gas emissions to DEQ.
For information about the types of facilities required to report, reporting deadlines and the protocols and forms each facility must use to calculate and report its emissions visit Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocols for Air Quality Permit Holders webpage.