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Basic and General Air Contaminant Discharge Permits

Basic and General ACDPs are established for some of the most common industry types in Oregon. These permits follow the rules contained in OAR 340 Division 200 through 268. Any activity or source found on the list in Table 1, Part A of OAR 340-216-8010 must, at a minimum, obtain a Basic ACDP.

DEQ’s air permits vary in complexity. The most basic type of permit is a Basic Air Contaminant Discharge Permit, followed by a General ACDP, Simple ACDP, Standard ACDP, and then Title V permits. Any facility may elect to obtain a higher level permit than is required, this can help clarify requirements for sources that are subject to multiple rules or have a variety of equipment subject to regulation.

All ACDP’s require a Land Use Compatibility Statement prior to permit issuance. This is because, by law, DEQ must ensure that an operation is complying with local land use jurisdiction prior to issuing a permit. Check with your local city or county planning section/division for further information.
  • Land Use Compatibility Statement
  • Application Guidelines Document
    This document provides instructions to the owner/operator of a facility seeking an initial Air Contaminant Discharge Permit, renewal of existing ACDP, or modification to an existing ACDP. These instructions identify the application forms and describe how the forms are to be used to prepare an application. 
  • Relocation Notice Form
    If the facility is portable (e.g., rock crusher, asphalt plant, etc.), the permittee must not install or operate the plant or any portion of the facility at any new site without first submitting the Relocation Notice Form.
  • Notice of Intent to Construct 
    The owner/operator is required to submit the AQ104 form if proposing to construct or establish a new facility, emissions unit, air pollution control equipment, or make any other changes to an existing facility. 

Application and other forms

Basic ACDP

Natural Gas and Propane Fired Boilers (with or without #2 diesel oil back-up(a)) of 10 or more MMBTU but less than 30 MMBTU/hr heat input constructed after June 9, 1989. (a) “back-up” means less than 10,000 gallons of fuel per year.

General ACDP
Oil fired ≥ 10 million Btu/hr and natural gas fired ≥ 30 million Btu/hr heat input.

Basic ACDP

Rock, concrete or asphalt crushing both portable and stationary more than 5,000 tons/yr. but less than 25,000 tons/yr. crushed.
General ACDP
(≥ 25,000 tpy)

Basic ACDP

Surface coating operations whose actual or expected usage of coating materials is greater than 250 gallons per month, excluding sources that exclusively use non-VOC and non-HAP containing coatings (e.g. powder coating operations).

General ACDP

​​​Land Use Compatibility Statement

Basic ACDP 
Sources that would require a Simple or Standard ACDP based on uncontrolled potential emissions but that request enforceable production or hour limitations to below 340-216-8010, Table 1, part B. #85 permitting thresholds