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Gasoline Terminals in Northwest Portland

In Northwest Portland there are six gasoline terminals that receive, store, blend, and transfer gasoline, fuel oils, lubricants and a variety of other petroleum products. Barges, railroad tanker cars and the Olympic pipeline deliver these products to the facilities. Companies distribute the products to other locations by railroad tanker cars, tanker trucks, barges and pipelines. No refining takes place at these facilities.

Typical daily terminal operations include loading and unloading of gasoline products to and from tanker trucks/trailers and/or marine vessels such as barges. These terminal activities, including storage tanks and various transfer points such as pumps, valves, and flanges release volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. VOC mix with other pollutants in the air to create smog during hot, stagnant weather. Some of these VOC such as benzene and ethylbenzene are toxic air pollutants that can cause serious health effects under prolonged exposure.

Gasoline terminals are required to meet federal and state regulations pertaining to the capture and control of VOC and hazardous air pollutants. DEQ incorporates these requirements into air quality permits.

Permit materials and compliance reports

Search for Air Quality permits for:

  • Equilon Enterprises (formerly Texaco doing business as Shell), 3800 NW St. Helens Road.
  • Kinder Morgan Liquids Terminal (formerly GATX), 5880 NW St. Helens Road.
  • Chevron Products Company, 5924 NW Front Ave.
  • Shore Terminals (formerly Exxon Mobil), 9420 NW St. Helens Road.
  • BP West Coast Products (formerly Arco), 9930 NW St. Helens Road.
  • ConocoPhillips (formerly Unocal), 5528 NW Doane Ave. 

See the Gasoline Vapor Recovery Program for more information on how gasoline storage and dispensing is regulated.