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Safety & Resilience

​​​​​​​​​​ODOE's Role

In 2021, the legislature passed SB 246​ which better defined investigative powers to pursue potential violations; clarified authority to require corrective action in the event of unlawful disposal; clarified authority to require preventative measures; and gave ODOE the authority to update and clarify, through rulemaking, what qualifies for an exemption from the term “radioactive waste." ​


Bakken Wast​e (2020)​​​​​​

On February 13, 2020, ODOE issued a Notice of Violation for disposal of radioactive materials in violation of Oregon state law at the Chemical Waste Management hazardous waste landfill near Arlington. The company was required to develop a detailed risk assessment and corrective action plan for the waste in the landfill, which was submitted in final format in April 2021. ​

    ​​February 2020 ODOE Notice of Violation

    Annual Monitoring

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