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Oregon Hanford Cleanup Board meetings are open to the public.
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Next Meeting
November 4-5, 2019
Cannery Pier Hotel 
10 Basin St Astoria, OR​

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(materials typically provided by USDOE at the meetings; we will upload here after each meeting)
November 4-5, 2019​

Meeting Materials​
July 15-16, 2019​
Meeting Minutes
National Academies of Science - Supplemental LAW Options
Hanford Update from ODOE
Updates from Washington Department of Ecology
​March 11-12, 2019​

Meeting Audio​
Meeting Minutes
Meeting Materials​
Hanford Update from ODOE
High-Level Waste Presentation​
U.S. DOE Richland Operations Office Presentation
U.S. DOE Office of River Protection Presentation
Deep Vadose Zone Presentation
Hanford Lifecycle Cost Report Presentation
M-091 Change Package Presentation
Primer on Modeling Presentation
November 5-6, 2018​

Meeting Audio ​
Meeting Minutes​
U.S. DOE Hanford Site Presentation
U.S. DOE Office of River Protection Presentation
ODOE Waste Incidental to Reprocessing Presentation
ODOE Open Forum Topics
ODOE Review of Activities/Presentation​
​July 2018 Meet​ing Minutes​​
Meeting Materials Binder Part 1
Meeting Materials Binder Part 2
U.S. DOE Richland Presentation
U.S. DOE Office of Environmental Management
Office of River Protection Presentation​
U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board Presentation​
Manhattan Project National Historic Park Presentation​
March 2018​ Meeting Minutes
DOE Office of River Protection Update
DOE Direct Feed Law Update
ODOE System Plan 8 and the Hanford tank Mission
ODOE Review of Activities Since November
ODOE ​Letter: Hanford Dangerous Waste Permit
ODOE Letter: Energy Communities Alliance
ODOE Letter: Hanford Cesium & Strontium​
ODOE Letter: System Plan 8
DOE K Basin Sludge Project Update
Washington Dept of Ecology Tri-Party Agreement Update
November 2017​ Meeting Minutes​​
DOE Plutonium Finishing Plant Update
Video of PFP Demolition (large file)
DOE Hanford Richland Office Update
Video of PUREX Facility Grout Fill (large file)
ODOE Review of Activities
DOE Office of River Protection Update
DOE System Plan 8
Washington Dept. of Ecology on System Plan 8
DOE Vitrification Presentation
August 2017​ Meeting Minutes​
DOE Office of River Protection Update
DOE PUREX Tunnel Status Update
DOE Plutonium Finishing Plant Update
DOE Hanford Cleanup Priorities
ODOE Review of Activities
ODOE Response to PUREX Emergency​
Governor Brown Letter to OHCB Members​
​April 2017 Meeting Minutes​
Hanford 2020 Vision Presentation
Plutonium Finishing Plant Update
Review of Oregon Comment Letter on Transuranic Waste
Office of River Protection Update
Tank AY-102 Retrieval Update
Waste Treatment Plant Re-Baseline Project
September 2016 Draft Mtg Minutes for Board Approval​
​September 2016 Meeting Minutes
DOE-ORP Update
DF-LAW Update
DST Integrity
Plutonium Finishing Plant
Groundwater Update
Washington Closure
OHCB Public Involvement Survey
OHCB Survey Summary
​May 2016 Meeting Minutes
Hanford Infrastructure
History of Vit Efforts
WESF Dry Storage
DOE-ORP Update
DF-LAW Update
January 2016 Meeting Minutes
​Tank Waste Litigation
Manhattan Project National Park
DOE-Richland Updated Priorities
DOE-ORP Update
Deep Borehole Disposal​
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