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Compass Project: Information for Individuals and Families

This page is for individuals who receive intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) services and their families. It has tools to help you plan your services. 

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If you use in-home services

A change starts when you make your 2024 Individual Support Plan (ISP). 

  • This change is happening slowly to give you time to plan and make sure you have the support to live the life you want. 
  • Your services coordinators and personal agents will support you. They will walk you through the process when you meet them to make your plan. Please ask them your questions.

Find tools to help you plan under "In-home hours" below.

Video: Tips to get ready for your planning meeting

You can change the video subtitles to other languages. Open the video in YouTube. Click the settings icon. Change the language.

Chart: Service groups and in-home hours

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Look up your service group to see the range of hours you have. If you don't know your service group, ask your services coordinator or personal agent.

You can read more about service groups below.

Service groups

Your service group is based on information you share in the Oregon Needs Assessment. People with similar needs are assigned to the same service group. Your service group gives you a range of hours to use when you plan your services. You and your support team decide how to use these hours to meet your goals. Your service group may change when your needs change. Service groups also guide how much some providers are paid.

Which service group are you in?

  • ODDS sent you a postal letter in 2022 or 2023. The letter said which service group you're in.
  • If you don't remember, ask your personal agent or services coordinator.
  • To learn about your service group, click "Service group handbooks" below. Find your group. Then handbook will tell you more. 

Infant / Toddler age 0 to 3 support needs

Children age 4 to 11 support needs

Adolescents age 12 to 17 support needs

Adult age 18+​ support needs

Employment and residential fact sheet

Do you get employment services? Do you live in a home owned by a provider agency?

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Learn more about how your service group affects the rate paid to your care provider.

Compass Project information

Compass overview

Videos and training

Learn about upcoming training

Oregon Needs Assessment (ONA)

The Oregon Needs Assessment (ONA) is a tool that helps you and your team understand your needs. It asks you questions about what you need in life. This helps you reach your goals. You do the ONA with your team once a year or when your needs change. This helps you get the services and supports that are best for you and your family. 

Visit the ONA web page for more information. 


If you have questions about your services, talk to your services coordinator or personal agent. They are there to support you.