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Cultural Competence Continuing Education Advisory Committee


During the 2013 legislative session, House Bill (HB) 2611 passed into law. This law creates requirements for OHA, through OEI, to provide resources and support for improving the cultural competence of regulated health care professionals in Oregon and to report to the Oregon Legislative Assembly about the level of participation in cultural competence education among these professionals. Stat. Auth.: ORS 413.450, 2013 Oregon Law. HB 2611 permanent rules also require OHA establish an advisory committee to:

  • Advise OHA on the development of a process to approve a list of cultural competency continuing education opportunities
  • Advise OHA on the development of criteria to approve cultural competency continuing education opportunities for the OHA list
  • Work with OHA and Cultural Competience Continuing Education Review Committee (CCCERC) to update criteria
  • Work with OHA to implement the process

These efforts will enable OHA to approve, compile, and make available a list of cultural competence continuing education opportunities for health care professional boards specified in the legislation.

Executive Sponsor: Leann Johnson, Director, OEI
Staff: Shelley Das, OEI and Emily Wang, OEI

Please contact Emily Wang at the Office of Equity and Inclusion at 503-884-2307 or email if you need special accommodations to attend or participate in this meeting. We also accept all relay calls or you can dial 711 for assistance.

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