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Information for Health Systems, Providers, and THW's

On this page, health system personnel, providers, and THWs will find helpful information and guidance documents on ways for THWs to be integrated into health care services and programs.

OHA's Traditional Health Worker Toolkit 

The Traditional Health Worker Toolkit includes the following topics:

  •     THW Overview and 101
  •     THW Scopes of Practice 
  •     Benefits of Integrating THWs 
  •     Integrating and Retaining THWs
  •     Health Care Delivery System Contracting with Community Based Organizations 
  •     Recommendations for Supporting and Supervising THWs 
  •     Best and Promising Practices Resources
THW Statewide Needs Assessment Reports
CCO 2.0 Traditional Health Workers Guidance Documents
Best and Promising Practices
 Payment Models

For more information about Traditional Health Workers, see relevant links:

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