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Client Education and Self-Management

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Positive Self-Management Program for HIV (PSMP)

The HIV Care and Treatment Program supports the Positive Self-Management Program for HIV (PSMP), developed by Stanford University, as a way of addressing the chronic health needs of people living with HIV/AIDS in Oregon.

The PSMP, Living Well with HIV and AIDS is a group health education and skills building workshop to help HIV positive individuals actively manage their disease. Participants engage in 7 weekly workshops led by two leaders trained in the evidence based PSMP method. The Workshop content includes how to integrate medicine regimens into daily life to improve adherence; techniques to deal with problems like fear, isolation, and fatigue; exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance; communicating with family and health professionals around one's disease; nutrition; symptom evaluation and management; and evaluation of new or alternative treatments. Classes are highly participatory and focus on mutual support and skills-building.

Interested in participating in a workshop

Outside Portland Metro Area

Please contact the HIV Care and Treatment Program

Annick Benson-Scott at 971-673-0142 or 1-800-805-2313

Portland Metro Area

Please contact the Partnership Project
Julia Lager-Mesulam at 503-230-1202, ext. 235 or

To find out more about the PSMP program developed by Stanford University,

Living Well Workshops

Living Well classes are similar to PSMP program, but are not specific to HIV.  Living Well with Chronic Conditions (the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, or CDSMP) is a six-week workshop that provides tools for living healthy with chronic health conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, asthma and heart disease.  Through weekly sessions, the workshop provides support for continuing normal daily activities and dealing with the emotions that chronic conditions may bring about.  Living Well classes are held in either Englishor Spanish.

Social Networks for People Living with HIV

Many people who are living with HIV have trouble connecting with other people who have HIV. This is especially common for people who live in more rural areas of the state. Online networks are a great place to meet and connect with other people who have HIV. This document provides information on several online communities that are specific to people who have HIV and/or other chronic illness.

Download "Social Networks for People Living with HIV" (pdf)

Fact Sheets

HIV Transmission and "Undetectable" Viral Load (pdf) Order Brochure: Oregon Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS.
My Liver - How It Works (pdf)

Order Brochure: Oregon Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS.
If You Drink Alcohol and Have HCV or HIV (pdf)  

Partner Notification

If you have HIV and need to notify a sex or needle sharing partner, there are options.

  • Tell them yourself. We can help and support you. Tell them in person, by e-mail (with or without your name) at inSPOT, or another way that works for you.
  • Contact a case manager or your doctor if you want support with this.

Other HIV/AIDS Resources

  • Learn the basics about prevention, transmission and treatment.
  • is also a comprehensive source of information about HIV/AIDS on the web.

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