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Oregon Radiation Protection Services

What We Do

Radionuclide analyses of food samples will resume on May 18th, 2020. Advanced notice must be provided before shipping samples. 24-hour expedited service will not be offered at this time.

Oregon Radiation Protection Services works to promote the health and safety of the people in Oregon by protecting them from unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Radiation exposure can come from a variety of sources including: X-ray equipment, radioactive materials, tanning beds and other radiation-generating devices. Radiation also exists in the natural environment, examples include heat or light from the sun.

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Oregon Radiation Protection Services enforces compliance with Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) related to radiation.

Emergency Response

Radiological Emergency Response program staff respond to approximately 100 emergency calls each year. The staff will answer questions, advise actions, and if necessary, respond to any radiological emergency within the state of Oregon.

Radiation Monitoring

Since 1985, Oregon Radiation Protection Services (RPS) has collaborated with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) RadNet program to monitor air, precipitation and drinking water samples in Portland.

Radioactive Materials Licensing

The RML Program is responsible for licensing, inspection, and environmental surveillance and control of radioactive materials,

Tanning Program

The State of Oregon Radiation Protection Services Tanning Bed Program

X-ray Program

The X-ray program has the overall responsibility for registering electronic radiation producing devices and vendor licensing throughout the state of Oregon.

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