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Make Changes to a Birth or Death Record

House Bill 2673: Name and Sex Designation Changes on Birth Certificate

Information, resources, and frequently asked questions on the new process.

On this page:

To correct a birth certificate

The amendment process varies depending on the type of legal change needed and how recently the record was filed. The links below provide detailed instructions for different types of birth record amendments. If the change you need is not included, see our Staff Contacts page to reach the appropriate amendment specialist.

To correct a death certificate

Corrections for missing data or typographical errors for personal information on the death record are usually submitted by the funeral director or the informant listed on the death record in the year following date of death. The certifying physician (or medical examiner) is the only person eligible to change or correct cause of death data on the record. Most corrections may be submitted electronically by the funeral director or medical certifier.

For instructions on how to correct errors in death records that are more than one or two years old:

  • Prepare a cover note with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address if available.
  • Fax the copy of the record and the cover note to 971-673-1201 to the attention of the appropriate amendment staff person listed here, or mail the request to Oregon Vital Records, PO Box 14050, Portland, OR 97293.

An amendment fee of $35 is required for amendments to the personal section of the death record when submitted more than one year following the date of death. No amendment fee is required for amendments to the medical section of the death record at any time.

If the amendment is not submitted by the funeral director or the certifying physician, the correction affidavit must be an original, notarized affidavit signed by the informant named on the death record, or if the informant is deceased, by the next of kin to the decedent. Evidence documents will be required for some types of amendments - changes to marital status, the name of a spouse, or in some cases, the decedent’s residence address when the changes are more than minor typographical error corrections. Most amendments submitted after one year from date of death will require evidence documents.

Contacting amendments staff

If you call an amendment specialist about an amendment, please leave just one complete message and include:

  1. The name of the person as it is listed on the record
  2. The date of the event
  3. An exact description of the item that is in error and how it needs to be changed or corrected
  4. Whether a request and/or fee has already been submitted to make the change to the record

Note: Current estimated amendment processing time: 6 to 8 weeks (updated 08/2021)

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