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Certified Local Agency Resources for Consultant Selection

This page includes templates, forms and guidance documents for certified local agencies conducting federally-funded consultant selection under the Oregon Department of Transportation's local agency certification program.

The process, application, forms and guidance for local agencies to become certified in architectural and engineering consultant selection (or construction contracting) are available on the Local Government, Certification Guidance and Forms page.

​Procurement Templates:

Contract Template for A&E Services (Required)

Solicitation/RFP Template for A&E Services​  
(Required for formal/informal)

Contract Amendment Template (Required)

Procurement Related Forms:

Consultant List Exception Request 
(Required if selecting consultant not on one of ODOT’s approved lists)

Consultant Performanc​e Evaluation​ (sample form)

Conflict of Interest Disclosure for proposal evaluators (Required)

Contract Closeout Form (Required unless LPA has an equivalent form with required certifications included.)

Direct Appointment/Small Purchase Selection Form (Required)

DBE Goal Calculation Worksheet
(Required if requesting a non-standard goal as described in the LPA A&E Requirements Guide.)
Notice of Award #734-2849 
(Form submitted to Office of Civil Rights)

Profit-Fee Worksheet (sample form)

Pre-Negotiation Plan (sample form)

Record of Negotiations (sample form)


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