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OregonBuys project information

This webpage is a log of all Wave 1 agency project emails, and change management messages and resources. We add to this page regularly, please revisit often to stay up-to-date.

Wave 1 agency project emails (from the agency liaison)

​8/9/2022Organization Administrators post Go-live support news item
​5/18/2022Organization Administrators Go-live preparation tasks
​5/4/2022Wave 1 all agencies pre Go-live office hours
​4/19/2022Wave 1 small agencies, boards and commissions Go-live prep list
​4/19/2022Wave 1 large and medium agencies Go-live checklist
​4/12/2022Wave 1 Go-live preparation meeting
​4/11/2022SPOTS card purchases in OregonBuys postponed
​3/22/2022Setting up agency users in the Training environment
​3/14/2022Go-live preparation tasks
​3/10/2022Phase II user account setup
​2/14/2022R*STARS prep and agency validation sessions
​12/16/2021Data collection template reminder and training modules
12/6/2021Small agencies, boards and commissions January meetings
11/19/2021Organization administrators data collection template
11/12/2021Organization administrators next steps (data collection and training)
​11/3/2021Large and medium-sized agencies kickoff recording and resources
​11/2/2021Small agencies, boards and commissions kickoff meeting recording and info
​10/19/2021Small agencies, boards and commissions kickoff meeting announcement
​10/06/2021Large and medium-sized agencies kickoff meeting announcement

Change management messages and resources for staff

​8/15/2022​Round 12 - Large, medium and some small agencies - Tips and Tricks | Email with links
​7/29/2022​Round 11 - Large and medium agencies - OregonBuys procure-to-pay is live | Email with links
​7/26/2022​Round 10 - All agency sizes - Working with suppliers | EmailTalking points Website disclaimer
​7/22/2022​Round 9 - Large and medium agencies - Account activation | Email with links
​5/20/2022​Round 8 - All agency sizes - Transition guidance and instruction guides | Email with links
​5/5/2022​Round 7 - All agency sizes - How will I use OregonBuys? | Email  Handout
​Round 6 - All agency sizes - Process flow |  Email  ​Handout
​ADKAR survey link for agency OregonBuys users | Email
​3/17/2022​Round 5 - All agency sizes - Benefits of OregonBuys |  Email  Handout
​3/9/2022​Round 4 - All agency sizes - Term crosswalk  | Email  Handout
​2/17/2022​Round 3 - All agency sizes - Training announcement  |  Email
​2/2/2022​Round 2 - Small agencies, boards commissions - Preparing for OregonBuys | Email
​1/28/2022​Round 2 - Large and medium agencies - Working with Core Teams |  Email  Handout
​1/19/2022Round 1 - Small agencies, boards & commissions - What's included? |  Email Handout
​Round 1 - Large and medium agencies - What's included? |  Email  Handout