Materials Management

DEQ’s Materials Management Program generates dozens of reports a year, ranging from highly technical, scientific papers to more accessible studies, such as reports about recycling rates in Oregon. State agencies, local governments, partner organizations, businesses and Oregonians rely on DEQ’s reports to make decisions and stay informed. This page captures some of the program’s more substantial reports, starting with the state’s 2050 Vision and Framework for Action (Material Management’s credo), followed by strategic plans and technical reports.  

Vision and strategic plans

Materials Management in Oregon: 2050 Vision and Framework
The 2050 Vision describes a desired future where Oregonians live within the limits of their sustainable share of the world’s natural resources. This document outlines a framework for action to help the state achieve the 2050 Vision.

Materials Management in Oregon: 2020 Framework for Action
This 2020 Framework for Action is an update of the original 2050 Vision and Framework. It elaborates on our core values and program priorities and is designed to be dynamic and responsive.

This plan describes the strategies, actions and priority materials for reuse, repair and product lifespan extension for 2016 - 2021.
This plan outlines DEQ’s five-year work priorities to encourage reductions in wasted food across the supply chain.

Strategic Plan for Measurement​
This plan describes how Materials Management will use measurement to set work priorities and evaluate Oregon’s progress towards realizing the 2050 Vision.​

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Oregon’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions through 2015 and Appendices
This report evaluates Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions with data from the sector-based and consumption-based inventories. DEQ publishes this comprehensive report every five years.

Recycling, Composting and Disposal

Each year, DEQ compiles data on post-consumer recycling that includes recovery and disposal numbers, proving an overview of the amount of waste generated by Oregonians.

Scientific papers examining the life cycle impacts of materials